What is screening, and why is screen-less refinishing so special?

When you walk on your floor, you’re not walking on the wood. Instead, you are walking on a thin layer of finish; usually a polyurethane. The finish will wear thin over the years due to use. You do not want this finish to wear off completely in areas and be walking on the bare wood. This will ruin your floor very quickly, as well as look ugly.

When a floor doesn’t need to be sanded and refinished, Harwood Cleaningbut needs a new coat of finish to protect it, it usually gets screened. Basically, the new coat needs a rough surface to grip to; giving it some “bite”. So what is done, is a buffer is used with a screen on it. The screen is a sandpaper, usually around 120-150 grit. It looks like a cut out of a window screen; only stiff. Using this, the floor is lightly sanded so it will have the rough surface needed. This produces a lot of very fine dust that is difficult to clean and gets everywhere, making it a bad choice.

Screening cannot be done on all floors. Many people have paid high prices for hand-scraped and distressed looking floors. Sanding the floor will take off all the character that was paid so much for. Screening the floor will only get the high points on the floor, leaving the majority untouched and unable to accept new finish. When these floors finishes have worn through, there is nothing to do with them but replace them. Until now!

Our 100% dust-less refinishing

When your floor needs a new coat of finish to protect it, we can do it without damaging or screening your floor at all, because we won’t be removing any of the existing finish. We use an amazing new process that will work faster, cleaner, and better than any screening.

We clean your floor completely with our 8-step Intensive Cleaning. This will help to ensure that nothing permanently gets under the new finish that could have been cleaned off first.

We apply a liquid bonding agent, also referred to as a primer, to the entire floor. It dries clear in about 15-45 minutes, depending on humidity, and will not leave any streaks. This will bond to the existing finish, and allow new finish to bond to it. This is what makes screening unnecessary. Last, we apply one new coat of finish to the floor, leaving it like new again.

Will there still be a little dust?

Not at all. There is no sanding, screening, scuffing or anything. This leaves no opportunity for dust to even be created. With no dust created, we can confidently guarantee that you will have a 100% dust-less refinishing.

How long does it take?

Usually, we can be in and out of your house in one day. You can walk on the floor later that night, and put furniture back on it the next day. If your floor was screened and had traditional polyurethane applied, this would take a minimum of three days before you could even walk on it! With our process, you can actually put rugs back down in only two weeks, whereas with other polyurethane’s, takes eight weeks!

What type of finish do you apply?

We use an excellent, top rated water-based finish that is far supeHardwood Cleaningrior to oil-based products, or anything else on the market. In fact, it has a 5-year warranty! You will not find anyone else able to offer that! It flows and levels out evenly as it dries; leaving no streaks. It also cures 90% in one day, and completely in three. The finish even provides UV protection, which is really needed for any room that gets sunlight at all. Typical polyurethane is brittle and stiff. As your floor expands and contracts with heat and cold, the polyurethane does not move with it, resulting in cracks and flaking later. Our finish is flexible and stretchable, so it will never ruin from movement. The finish is also clear, unlike polyurethane that will continue to make your floor darker and darker with every coat applied. However, if you want the amber color, it can be added to our finish to give that effect. Also, we are able to finish your floor in what ever gloss you would like: high gloss, semi-gloss, satin, or matte.

Will screen-less refinishing eliminate scratches?

It camouflages many surface scratches that are only in the finish. Deep scratches in the wood however, need to be sanded out. Scratches from big dogs or gouges from high heels for example, will only come out with sanding.

Will this fill in gaps between boards?

No. But sometimes these gaps are necessary for the expansion and contraction of the wood with hot and cold seasons.

How do I know if my floor can be recoated without screening, or if it needs to be completely sanded?

Our technicians will evaluate your floor’s needs and your wants.

Ask us how we can help you ensure that your floor’s finish never wears off beyond repair!

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