A step by step explanation of how Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning gets incredible results from a revoServiceslutionary new Full Immersion Area Rug Cleaning System..

FOR CENTURIES, the only way to get one’s precious area rug clean was to hang the rug, take a rug beater and cleaning an area rugbeat the loose dirt out by hitting the carpet really hard. To wash the rug required lugging it down to the local source of clean water, usually a nearby river. One would submerge it and hold on tight or place a large rock on top and hope the current didn’t take it away downstream. In northern regions, the winter ritual meant rubbing the rug down with snow. As can be imagined, all these methods improved the appearance of the rug, but with varying degrees of success.

Wool Safe

superior carpet cleaning
Finally, after many years, comes a brand new technology. European concepts have been improved upon to produce a cleaning system that mimics traditional cleaning by fully immersing and gently kneading the rug in a large bath. A special cold water solution designed for wool, cotton and silk rugs ensures safe and effective cleaning. Remember, a high quality area rug is tightly knotted and woven, so a deep clean is the most effective way to get the dirt out. This new system, exclusive to Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, is called the Centrum Wash Tub and Centrum Force Centri-Maxx Centrifuge.

Carpet Cleaning
Ah yes, BUT, what if....?
When you contact Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning to recondition your treasured area rug, the first thing we do is inspect your rug closely and carefully. Effective record keeping enables Superior to use the most appropriate methods of cleaning for each individual rug, for the best results possible. We examine the specific weave and fibre, check for dye stability, and look for at least 30 different conditions common to area rugs. Although most area rugs are best cleaned with our immersion system, when needed we will discuss other cleaning options such as truck mount steam cleaning, hand cleaning, or dry cleaning. If you are unable to be present at the time of inspection we will discuss our findings with you before proceeding.

To Adjust the Dust Is a MustDusted
carpet dustWe remove the majority of dust and allergens with another enhanced traditional method, a portable rug beating machine.

This mechanized dusting equipment removes the majority of the dry particulate soil, that, with time, builds up in the foundation of the rug. It is often very surprising to see just how much dry soil is removed.wolverine

Our next step is to pre-clean or repair any suspected problem area. Problem stains and odours are pre-treated with specialty solutions. With our Full Immersion Process we guarantee complete removal of cat and dog urine*. We can even take care of carpets that have been effected by flooding and sewer back-up.

*Please note that urine can de-stabilize dyes and may result in permanent color loss. This color loss can be corrected if you wish.

A Soothing Spa Bath Is Kneaded
waterfallNow it’s time to use our modern time-honored procedure. Your area rug is put In a deep bath with volumes of clean water which is enhanced with gentle fibre-specific, color safe cleaning solutions. Gentle kneading in the bath opens, or relaxes the rug pile, which allows the soil and grime to be massaged out of the fibre.

Been Through The Wringer
Many years ago, before modern day washing machines, the standard used by housewives and mothers was a wringer apparatus on the washer to squeeze the excess water out of the clothes in stages. First, the wringer washer rollers wrung out the washed clothes before they were rinsed in the laundry sink. This step extracted the dirty, soapy water out of the wash. wringerThen the clothes were immersed in fresh, clean rinse water and the textiles were wrung out yet again. This allowed the clear clean water to absorb into the textile rather than just washing over it. Although it was quite labor intensive, this age old method really got the dirty water out, making the wash ready to be rinsed with pure, clean water. So, just like clothes, wet carpets need to be completely extracted before they can be thoroughly rinsed.

How To Wring Out and Rinse 600 lbs of Wet Rug
At Superior, we use the revolutionary Centrum Force Rug Extractor to draw out all of the water remaining in the rug. Spinning at an incredible 900 rpm, your area rug is virtually dry in just minutes. Our high speed centrifuge spins out water and cleaning solution from even the largest of area rugs. This thorough extraction allows the carpet fibre to be rinsed with fresh water as the centrifuge spins. This results in your carpets being the cleanest they have ever been.

They Hung Us Out To Dry
How would those outdoor rug washers dry their carpets? They would hang them in the sunshine and wait for the sunshine to do its job. Yes, they were hung out to dry. At Superior your newly cleaned rug is not abandoned but it is hung to dry. Rugs are nestled in our controlled drying facility on racking specially designed to prevent damage to the foundation yarns of your precious rugs. In the end, your hand knotted, woven or machine made rug will be amazingly cleaner, brighter, softer and smell fresher than you ever thought possible! Attention to detail was in the creation of a fine rug, and we use the same level of care in looking after all of the final details before we return your renewed area rug back to you.

The Standard To Measure Standards By
We hope we have explained clearly how Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning can make your treasured area rug look and feel it’s finest with the best cleaning method in the industrySuperior Carpet Cleaning. We will always make sure that we remain at the top of our competitive field with the latest in carpet cleaning equipment and technician training. For instance, we are the only company North of Boston with automated full-submersion rug cleaning equipment and a rug centrifuge with the capacity to clean and extract water from rugs up to 14 feet in width and 20 feet in length. We are equipped with virtually every piece of cleaning and drying equipment in the industry.

Considering the extremely high standard of the work you get from Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, you’ll find our rates to be very reasonable. The result will be that you will receive an excellent Area Rug Cleaningquality job and feel that you’ve gained the best value for your hard earned money. We offer discounts to you when you drop off your area rug to us. We also pick-up and deliver your reconditioned area rug for free.

When you choose the professionals at Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning to clean your area rug, you’re choosing a company with decades of experience in carpet cleaning methods. We employ trained, certified workers who care that you receive Superior’s highest quality service. Our ethical business practices include respectful treatment of our clients, our staff, and our partners in the rug and carpet cleaning business. Why not join the growing number of satisfied customers who trust all of their carpet cleaning to Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning. You certainly won’t be disappointed, we guarantee it! Phone us at 888-992-0518

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Question Number One:
Is immersion cleaning really safe?
Large rug cleaning plants have for decades used full immersion in conjunction with equipment such as the Moore automated rug cleaning system. Often rugs are pre-conditioned in aArea Rug Cleaning wash pit and then placed through on the automated conveyor to be mechanically kneaded and flushed with fresh water. The Moore system uses rollers to squeeze water out of the carpet much like mother’s old wringer washer.

Question Number Two:
What makes the Superior immersion system even better?
In its day the wringer washer was great, but they just aren’t built anymore. It’s the same with the Moore machine. Enter the Centrum Wash Tub and Centrifuge Technology! Much like new energy efficient washing machines, the effectiveness of this new equipment is based on the principles of gentle tumbling, dwell time, and extremely fast spin cycles, thorough cleaning, and in the end very low moisture going into the dryer. An added bonus is that less cleaning agents are required, resulting in easier rinsing, softer fibre and more brilliant colors.

Question Number Three:
Are there challenges associated with cleaning the flat weave, knots and fringe?
In knotted carpets the foundation weft and warp yarns are typically finiRug Dryingshed with a combination of weaving, knots and loose fringe fibre. Cotton is the most common foundation textile. When brand new, it is a nice soft white, thus, a pleasant contrast to the colours of the rug pile.

Most professionals will admit that fringes are one of the greatest challenges in cleaning area rugs. Cotton is very prone to discoloring when left wet for a long time. Gravity can be an enemy to fringes. How so? When a rug is wet and hung to dry, gravity will result in migration of water and unwanted materials down into the fringes. This results in discoloration of the cotton.

Here is yet another benefit of the Centrum Force Centri-Maxx Centrifuge. Water is not left dripping down through the carpet. So much moisture is spun out of the carpet that they are only slightly damp to touch and a drier rug means faster drying with no water migration. The cotton dries very quickly eliminating or reducing the need for post detailing of the fringe. Harsh whitening chemicals or bleaches (that deteriorate cotton) are thereby avoided.

Question Number Four:
Soiled FringeIs Superior able to restore heavily soiled fringes?
Heavily soiled cotton, expecially when woven, and tied in knots, is challenging to clean. This can result in fringes that look dirty and gray, despite noble efforts at cleaning. One may be inclined to counter with bleaching agents, however, these are harsh on cotton and will usually contribute to premature deterioration of the fibre. So, how do we deal with this problem?

Answer: We are able to pre-clean fringes before placing a rug into the washtub. Our system removes ALL of the soil from even the grimiest fringe material with no harsh chemicals or Rug Cleaningoxidizing agents.

Question Number Five:
Why does Superior dust rugs before they are washed?
Rug dusting is an integral part of area rug cleaning. There are two types of soil, dry and sticky.
Dry soil is abrasive by nature, which erodes the foundation yarn and scratches away at the colorful pile of your beloved rug. It is said in our industry, that on average, 80% of the soil in a carpet or rug is dry ‘particulate’ soil. So then it’s not hard to imagine that the majority of soil is loose and dry dust, dirt, sand, hair, allergens and so forth – all you need do is look at the contents of a vacuum bag. The remaining soil, the sticky type, is the grimy film that adheres tenaciously to the textile.

Despite excellent maintenance, dry soil can build up in the base of a carpet*. Hand woven rugs with their tight warp and weft yarns and thick pile are great hiding places for dry soil. Even carpets that look clean are often found, when checked, to be otherwise. (to check a rug, lift the corner and hit the backing with your hand or a flat object)

It is for this reason that Superior mechanically removes that which vacuums cannot. When properly dusted, a carpet no longer makes a puff or cloud of dust when dropped nor a deposit of dust or grit underneath when laid out. Allergens are removed. The other benefit to dusting is that some dry soil, made wet, can change identity and become sticky, which is quite difficult to remove from the depths a rug. Thus, to dust is a must!

*It is found that even new rugs may contain a considerable amount of dry particulate. Importers and dealers of area rugs realize this and in some cases new rugs are dusted before being placed in the showroom.

Question Number Six:
How does Superior dust rugs?
Large commercial rug beaters or dusting machines and portable dusters have been in use for decades. At Superior we use a portable dusting machine. The carpet is inverted and laid on a grid. The duster’s rotating leather straps are an effective way of persuading the particulates out of the pile, onto the floor below the grid.

Question Number Seven:
Does Superior have anyone on staff that can correct dye issues?
Bleached CarpetYes, we have a dye specialist on staff. Superior has repaired dye stains, bleached colours, removed wine stains and corrected previously bled carpets.Wine Spill

Tips on how to clean up a Wine Spill on your carpet:
• Use a white cotton towel or paper towel to absorb as much as possible, taking care not to spread the wine. **Please blot lightly
• Pour salt onto the area affected. Allow salt to work, drawing up and absorbing as much of the remaining wine as possible.
• Club Soda is very effective for rinsing out wine, do a little area at a time and follow with step one above.

At any point call Superior for further advice or to have us look after your rug 888-992-0518
** We always have the best success when the rug is treated as soon as possible and no cleaning products have been applied.

Question Number Eight:
Is our new equipment just another way to “quickly” clean a rug?
There is no ‘quick’ way to effectively clean area rugs. Up until recently we were using the same basic methods for cleaning area rugs as all the other high end cleaners in our town, much of which is topical in nature*. We find that the topical methods of cleaning are adequate on relatively clean rugs, however, there are many rugs that require numerous cleanings to meet our standard. The new system simply works much better, and we find that in most cases the rug is ready after one cleaning! This means faster turn around times and a cleaner end-product.

In the past we have reserved immersion cleaning** for rugs with urine, odour or other problems. Without a centrifuge to extract, we were reliant on extraction with truck-mounted equipment that is designed for steam cleaning wall to wall carpet. This limited the amount of water we were able to extract, which required repeated efforts to purge carpets.

* topical cleaning involves methods of cleaning that focus on cleaning the face fibre, or the pile above the backing or foundation of the carpet/rug.
** Full immersion cleaning, as the name suggests, involves completely immersing the rug into water in a wash pit or washtub.Temporary pits are often built using shoring material and a liner to create a pool.

Question Number Nine:
Does the bath wash out the dyes?
Each rug is carefully inspected prior to cleaning to confirm that the dyes are stable enough to withstand a full immersion. This is a step that any well respected cleaning company would take before immersing rugs. Just like washing brightly colored clothes, nothing should be taken for granted. Having said this, the majority of area rugs can be immersion cleaned.

Question Number Ten:
Are you insured?
Yes, we are fully insured and bonded. We stand behind our work and have a reputation as an ethical company. We also take great pride and care in our work and have therefore have had to replace very few rugs and pieces of upholstery over the years.

Question Number Eleven:
What if I am nervous about having my heirloom cleaned?
That’s okay! We offer a no charge rug cleaning consultation. We will have a professional technician discuss your concerns with absolutely no pressure. If for any reason after the consultation you are not completely comfortable with us cleaning your carpet, we will respect your decision.

Question Number Twelve:
Does your equipment handle my flokati?
Flokati or other carpet with long pile such as shag, clean very well with the new equipment. The fibre is gently cleaned to the base of the pile in our bath, with no degradation to the pile from mechanical agitation.

Question Number Thirteen:
Can you clean noodle rugs (popcorn rugs)?
Yes, as with Flokati and shags topical methods are very limited in their ability to clean a carpet with deep, long or ‘noodley’ pile. Our bath and centrifuge are a great combination.

Question Number Fourteen:
SheepskinWhat about my sheep skin rug?
Yes we can clean your sheep skin rug or other natural hide rugs. We are certified leather cleaners. Sheepskin rugs can come up very well in our bath. Before we recommend the best cleaning method we first need to inspect the overall condition, including that of the hide. In addition to cleaning the wool or hair, the leather will benefit from cleaning and conditioning.

Question Number Fifteen:
What about my braided rug?
Braided rugs are challenging to clean with topical equipment because they are tightly woven. Full immersion in our wash tub allows us to clean deep into the woven material.

Question Number Sixteen:
What about my cotton weave rug?
There are many flat woven cotton rugs. Like fringes they can be very challenging to clean, yet for the very reason we have great success with fringes, we find we have excellent results cleaning woven cotton rugs. Dye stability may be a factor in determining whether or not to have the cleaning benefits of immersion cleaning or to be satisfied with a topical clean. We discuss these options and likely outcomes with any given carpet.Kilim

Question Number Seventeen:
Flat weave rugs such as the Kilim?
Each Kilim is inspected to determine the best method of cleaning.

Question Number Eighteen:
What about my Jute rug?
Jute or grass rugs are often very difficult to clean because they are woven with large openings and therefore difficult to extract with conventional cleaning tools. Cellulostic fibres are also prone to fading or browning. Our bath and centrifuge generally does a very good job on these rugs. Typically existing discoloration cannot be corrected.

Question Number Nineteen:
What are the basic ways to clean a carpet or rug?
Dozens of methods, hundreds of different types of equipment and even more cleaning products. To simplify, we can break cleaning into two categories: Surface cleaning and full immersion.

Question Number Twenty:
Is it possible to clean just the surface of a carpet or rug?
Yes, absolutely. Specifically, let us discuss broadloom installed in a residence. First of all, it is the face fibre only that should be cleaned. The back of the carpet and the underpad should not be made wet as this prolongs drying and can cause bacterial growth. So, while some cleaning systems can lead to issues of overwetting, other systems (typically the fast drying methods) may only be cleaning the surface of the fibre. This is especially so with the plushy 40 and 60 ounce carpets.

Question Number Twenty One:
Is it okay for wall to wall carpet to stay wet for days?
It is for this reason that carpets that have been contaminated by water discharged out of a sewer are to be disposed of – because it is often impractical to submerge wall to wall broadloom in water.

Question Number Twenty Two:
Do some carpet cleaning methods leave a soapy residue?
It has been said in the carpet cleaning industry that it is easy to make a carpet look clean. A case in point are rental machines. They will often make a carpet look clean, that is, at first. There is a large difference, however, between a carpet or rug that looks clean and one that is actually clean, right to the bottom of the pile. The key to cleaning is to completely remove ALL of the soil (both particulate and the sticky film) and all of the cleaning agents that were used to suspend that soil. Any residue of cleaning products left on the carpet pile will do what it is designed to do, which is to clean! That is, to clean the bottoms of slippers, sandals, galoshes, paws, etc. This is one of the big challenges, even for professionals. Carpet cleaning experts are well aware of the importance of balancing the product, their equipment and the techniques so that carpets are left residue free and PH balanced.

Cleaning and Care of your Oriental Rug.

We don’t take responsibility for pre-existing conditions including but not limited to: prior damage, wear, fading, water marks, shrinkage, splitting or fraying of fabrics, poor materials, poor construction, unstable dyes, running or bleeding of colors, change of face yarn texture or stains. 

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